Hydrographics or HydroGraphics, also known as immersion printingwater transfer printingwater transfer imaginghydro dipping or cubic printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces.created using a unique water transfer printing process that can be used on almost any material including golf carts!  We use a local professional who is known for their meticulous work.  The water transfer printing process is extensively used to decorate items that range from entire all-terrain vehicles and car dashboards, to small items like bike helmets or other automotive trim. Films can be applied to all types of substrates including plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramics, and metal. For the most part, if the item can be dipped in water and can be painted using traditional techniques then the hydrographic printing process can be used.

In the process, the substrate piece to be printed first goes through the entire painting process: surface preparation, priming, painting, and clear coating. After painting but before clear coating, the part is ready to be processed. A polyvinyl alcohol hydrographic film, which has been gravure-printed with the graphic image to be transferred, is carefully placed on the water's surface in the dipping tank. The clear film is water-soluble, and dissolves after applying an activator solution. Once dipping is begun, the surface tension of the water will allow the pattern to curve around any shape. Any remaining residue is then rinsed off thoroughly. The ink has already adhered and will not wash off. It is then allowed to dry.

The adhesion is a result of the chemical components of the activator softening the base coat layer and allowing the ink to form a bond with it. One of the most common causes of a failure to achieve adhesion between the two layers is a poorly applied activator. This can be either too much activator being applied or too little.

Quality activator is one of the most important elements in producing a high quality, professional Hydrographic transfer.  

There are thousands of patterns to choose from: Abstract Patterns, Animal Patterns, Camoflouge, Carbon Fiber, Flag Patterns, Flame Patterns, Metal & Stone, Wood Grain, Skull.  Contact us to discuss how to personalize your next golf cart! 

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